Sweet pea imagines you re a serpent

” I laugh, as does Sweet Pea. “Just leave. I could feel the numerous stares but I pretended to not notice. You were known in the Wyrm but you weren’t a serpent. “So, I see you’ve taken a liking to Sweet Pea. You really didn’t want to get into yours and Pea’s relationship right now, if you could call it that. “Wait, you need me to pick up what?” “A pregnancy test, Jug, and don’t tell anyone or I’ll kick your ass. The smirk on his face was there as he shook my hand. ” Sweet Pea chuckles and I shake my head, laughing, “You’re still cocky? You haven’t grown out of that.

I yank my wrist away. All for a boy you’re dating. I’m not in love with him anymore Pea, I’m in love with you. I’m scared that one day you’ll look in the mirror, and see yourself as I see you. They were just trying to rile you up, they know how protective you are of me. Thank you, Sweet Pea. No Serpent Left for Dead Sweet Pea x Reader | Part 9. The two boys hopped on their motorcycles and left before the race even started.

Toni decided to go talk to one of her friends so you searched the room for Sweet Pea. ” Sweet Pea says and I smile, he always knew what to say. Fangs gave you a high-five and afterwards, he and Toni walked away, leaving you alone with Sweet Pea. Till your life turned upside down and you ended up going to live on the south side and go to school there. ” you said, giving her a nasty smile. Just hang in there. Just thought I'd add to the mix 🤷🏻‍♀️. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

” Topaz is already on a crop top and shorts but it’s not enough to survive the heat. It was starting to cause more trouble than good. Writings, Imagines, Headcanons, Blurbs. . 1. “Shut up Reggie. You know what why don’t you quit and keep the uniform too entertain me huh. Riverdale's serpent Sweet Pea X the reader in different AU's/situations.

“I hope you didn’t think I would let you go on a ride with my baby alone,” Sweet Pea joked back, climbing on his bike and helping the girl on it two, not before giving her his extra helmet. Sweet Pea// You Drive Me Crazy. ” His words were quiet, watching you lightly nod in agreement. It was a short convorsation though as I went and talked to Toni again and Sweet Pea went to flirt with some girl. Aperçu: When Jughead Jones’ sister suddenly disappears, the Northside is to blame and tensions run high. She wants to be a serpent and Sweet Pea’s going to help her. “Y/N over here!” You heard Toni shout. The serpent princess.

” “Are you choosing him over family” “Not over family just over you Archie just till things calm down. Hi, everyone, please don’t forget my first language isn’t English, but I’d love to get some positive feedback! What do you think about my imagines? What other characters would you like to read about? Summary: Sweet pea is in the hospital because he got stabbed and needed to get stitched up. Sweet Pea came out of the toilet, his hair soaking wet, and a towel around his waist. He somehow managed to survive the A/N: Happy 4th! Requests are OPEN so feel free to send stuff in! Please check out the rules before doing so! Summary: Sweet Pea and Y/N are spending some time together with the Serpents for the 4th of July, however the reader has a troubled past and fireworks are more traumatic than fun. + occasionally riding on sweet peas if you’re not feeling it “I thought you were not coming,” she joked walking behind the Serpent to his bike. ”, she teases. Thanks xx. A/N: This one is a bit longer than my last ones.

A Snake’s Mouse ~Sweet Pea Imagine~ Summary: You’re a shy North Side girl who happens to be with a Southside Serpent. Raincheck?” I smile. I mean who wouldn’t want to be FP’s daughter and Sweet Pea’s girl and have Fang’s as a best friend!? It was a lovely Friday afternoon at Southside high. I get back on Sweet Pea’s bike and he takes me to his trailer. “Well, you better think about what you’re going to say to (Y/N) because she’s going to come around asking questions soon. “Yeah… You’re stealing it and don’t even know the name of the guy who built it?” Lecture | Sweet Pea x Reader ft. But you wanted to be closer to Sweet Pea, he still isn’t as open to you and you wanted to have the Serpents respect. Yes, Jacob once made me happy, but you make me the happiest.

When you finally spotted him, you noticed a northsider flirting with him. ’ I replied, as calmly as I could. ” Sweet Pea seemed to really like you, and so you decided to trust him on his word when he said he liked you. While other groups may be doing it, Jughead has no desire to and what he says goes as he is the Game Master. “Then so be it,” I say, trying to keep my shaky, hoarse voice strong and steady. Sweet Pea glares up at him, “Can’t you see we’re busy, Andrews?” Ignoring Sweet Pea’s snide remark, I say, “Thanks Archiekins,” Sweet Pea stiffens at the nickname, “but I do have an afternoon planned with Sweet Pea. I never imagined that me and Sweet Pea would actually be okay together. "Archie, this is literally t.

You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me… Sweet pea?” You called out, softly shutting the door behind you. It was hard. Something about this whole issue is giving you bad vibes. Not after what you did” A/n: this is my first sweet pea imagine! “Can’t believe you guys got stuck in the Chem lab. ” Toni offered, “It’s not like you want to be here anyway. ” sweet pea x reader sweet pea imagine riverdale imagines riverdale sweet pea fangs fogarty toni topaz southside serpents ghoulies jughead jones betty cooper veronica lodge archie andrews reggie mantle josie mccoy cheryl blossom fred andrews Hiram Sweet Pea x reader: Northie Summary: You lived on the Northside for most of your life. When your brother goes a little crazy from the black hood, he accidentally threatens your secret "Sweet Pea, please give me a chance. Pea scoffed.

Where are you tonight - Sweet Pea x Reader (imagines) Originally posted by riverdalepocdaily. You pass him on your way to and from classes and you've perhaps brushed his arm a hand full of times. A smile broke out on Sweet Pea’s face as the lights neared. It wasn't for another hour that we headed back to Toni's trailor. Originally posted by yourjughead You were walking to the Whyte Wyrm to see Toni as lately, you had been feeling like you weren’t pretty because of your view of your body. Idk I thought this was cute. “Sweets, I did once love him but that was a long time ago and he left me. I’m such a sucker for Sweet Pea “Yeah, I have that affect on people.

” ” Sweet Pea? You’re with me. ” “Duley noted. Lucky to Have You | Sweet Pea x Reader (Not my gif. “Why don’t you just come to the game and watch me cheer instead. -A few months later you and Sweet Pea had developed a very close friendship, you had grown even closer when he helped you through your Serpent initiation. “Yeah, sure thing, Y/N/N. ” you paused. Y/N’s face fell as she watched Sweet Pea Y/n: Pea! You’re not supposed to eat the cucumber! Sweet Pea: Why do we even have cucumbers on our face in the first place? “It’s stupid that I think it’s unfair, you know.

“No. No. Serpent Ma (Sweet Pea x Reader) In which Jughead meets an unexpected member [[MORE]]Jughead walked into the Whyte Wyrm rubbing a hand over his bruised cheek. It didn’t last long, and the leader of the group soon had him on his knees. Later does he find out that y/n is no other than Jughead’s sister. Credits to the gif owner!) Pairing: Sweet Pea x reader Summary: As Sweet Pea gets overwhelmed with serpent duties, Y/N tries to ease his stress and Sweet Pea stood there a bit stunned, as he watched you stand in front of them all, glaring back at the others, and not joining them into bad mouthing, him and the rest. You don't know him and he doesn't know you. Sweet Pea has been in love with Tina Topaz since he met her, twelve years ago.

Request: Can I request a sweet pea imagine where you grew up with him fangs and Toni and Toni was you’re best friend before she started dating Cheryl and once she got kicked out from the serpents you guys don’t take anymore and she sees you and sweets together acting like a couple in the hallway and she’s like when did this happen? The little things he did for you even before you became a serpent, really made a soft spot in you. [REQUESTS OPEN] only a few are being done. REQUESTED BY: @serpentgirll I walked through the hallways with a sigh as I made my way to my locker. " I took off my sweater to reveal my tank top and and an old serpent tattoo. Even though you had feelings for Sweet Pea, you didn’t want to approach him with those type of thoughts, even though it was hard. Tall Boy Requested by anon: Could I have a SP imagine please where you’re at the Wyrm and making out in the corner and Tall boy lecture’s you both later? You realised as you talked to him that the feelings you used to have, just didn’t exist all of a sudden, and you found yourself looking over to Sweet Pea every 5 seconds. Is it possible to request a Sweet Pea smut where the serpent dance is included? As sexist of a tradition that is, it's also so hot to think about reader doing it and SP REALLY enjoying the view lmao, I love your imagines! “Yeah, I have that affect on people. Being a Serpent and Dating Sweet Pea.

“Seriously though, I have too and I know we aren’t like what we used to be but, I’d like us to be. Silent Love (Sweet Pea imagine) Pairing: Sweet Pea x female!reader. Y/N: Me?!How? Sweet Pea: . Sweet pea notices and after she gets injured he feels really bad and in turns into a relationship. Originally posted by lovegalorex-Let’s start with when he would get jealous `when anyone flirts with you, wether it’s a serpent or a northsider-if you ever meet Archie P would be jealous atomaticly because, yeah he hates northsiders but he know how rich they are You nodded as she grabbed your hand, leading you to the dance floor, away from Sweet Pea. " I smiled and looked at Sweet Pea who rolls his eyes at me. “OK, maybe. Sweet Pea and I met when you were kids.

“You’re You don't know much about Sweet Pea, except for what you hear in the hallways around school. "You like Sweet Pea," she smirked at me. You, a Northsider. P 1 - “You’re the only thing left that’s important to me” 4 - “You don’t get to touch her!Not anymore. Warnings: cursing? Fights? I don’t even know. Jughead Jones x reader . Especially, when all the odds are against us. Sweet Pea headcanons: You’re Pregnant .

Serpent in disguise. A few steps behind you the skyscraper of a Serpent, known as Sweet Pea, and the feisty girl, Toni Topaz, stood, watching you, “She’s cute. “Don’t come crawling to us hat in hand when some Ghoulie decides to earn his stripes by taking out FP Jones’ kid. His face grew into a smile once he seen you. Word count: 2676. You walk towards her, past Sweet Pea and Fangs by the pool table, embracing her in a hug. ” So, you called the only person you knew wouldn’t tell Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea is frantic to find his girlfriend before some Northside golden boys go to far.

Jughead is first then it’s Y/N’s turn. “That’s my sibling!” Betty said, walking over to you. You were born a Serpent. Jughead said you were cool and now we have a reason to believe him,” Toni said with a smile. If you can’t find comfort in being yourself anywhere else, be yourself here. Originally posted by lovegalorex-Let’s start with when he would get jealous `when anyone flirts with you, wether it’s a serpent or a northsider-if you ever meet Archie P would be jealous atomaticly because, yeah he hates northsiders but he know how rich they are Safe in Southside - S. Next time, he’d walk away. ” Toni said, elbowing Sweet Pea in the side.

I would never break up with him. Sweet Pea headcanons: You’re pregnant - Let’s be real here - A baby is the last thing on his mind - He was a gang member, he lowkey was around guns and drugs - He did hurt people sometimes - Sweets even considered running off (for a split second) Sweet Pea in Ungovernable. “That was really cool what you did for us back there, (Y/N). “Can’t believe you guys got stuck in the Chem lab. Request: Hi! Could I get a sweet pea imagine? The reader is archie’s sister and fought with him during the bulldogs vs serpents. “Way to crush a girl’s dreams, asshole. Some drunk guys holding girls to hurt them (trigger warning)-Originally posted by sweetpeasnecktattoo. Sweet Pea//Reunited.

Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 10. Y/N: What’s your biggest fear? Sweet Pea: You. As their romance finally starts to blossom, will it be a Southside 'Happy-Ever-After', or will FP Jones' son, Jughead, be able to take everything Sweet Pea has ever wanted. Jughead is already the Serpent King, Sweet Pea asks if that isn’t already enough. Jealous - Sweet Pea Requested - Can you write something about Sweet Pea getting jealous be cause the reader is spending more time with Jughead please? - Hope you like it, I was thinking about writing Social Fakes & Imagines. Still Alive - Sweet Pea x Reader (imagines. FP Jones used to babysit you sometimes, when your parents were out on missions. "Thank you.

As much as I hate Toni, sweet pea, and the other guy does it bug anyone that sweet pea looks like the Mexican kid from despicable me The serpent gang, just wait until Cheryl and Betty join Ready to head south? Only With You Request: Hello! Can we have some soft Pea, warm Pea, little ball of fluff. #wattpad #fanfiction As a Southside Serpent, Sweet Pea is under the impression that all Northsiders are preppy, priviledged Southside-haters. Read Chapter from the story Unlikely - Sweet Pea by JulieRoseD (Julie) with reads. You felt your cheeks go red. He somehow managed to survive the You turned to her and glared, feeling Sweet Pea lean forwards to comment on the situation but you quickly changed the topic to asking Cheryl if she was happy to finally be a serpent. ” 20 minutes later he shows up at Sweet Pea’s trailer with the test; Sweet Pea was out doing Serpent duties so he wouldn’t be home for hours. Fake Social Media Imagine {112} - Sweet Pea x reader Request: Could you maybe do a plus size reader with Sweet Pea or Archie? I really love your work Hope y’all like it! You’re to most non-serpent serpent there is, and you are so happy that Sweet Pea gave you the gift of not only a cherished and nurtured love, but a family in the form of a group of ‘bad guys’ in leather jackets. He nodded, yet he wasn’t happy you ignored his offer.

P is for Pledged Serpent Part 1 | Part 2 Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader Description: The Serpents never had this many members going through initiation at once. “Jack?”, Sweet Pea asks. Not to mention, one of my best friends, Sweet Pea. Summary: (requested by @chipster-21)Can you do an imagine where the reader is a serpent badass, but dresses and acts like the exact opposite (dresses in bright colors and very friendly) but when jughead gets treated she instantly kicks a ghoulies ass and completely shocks jughead. I loved how Sweet Pea doted on me but everyone was starting to use that as a weakness against him. I heard the news about Fangs getting out of prison today, I heard the news about the mob, and I most definitely heard the news about every northsider wanting his head. They don’t trust the Northsiders. ” For some reason he thinks he can get his was if he does that stupid smirk of his.

an imagine where you are FP’s daughter and Sweet Pea has a soft spot for you. “She’s a nervous wreck. Requested By: @sweetpeasxserpent Request: Ah! Your awesome! (Sweet pea x Reader) one where the reader just becomes a serpent and her and sweet pea hate each other and they’re always bickering and arguing but he’s flirty and cocky? No Serpent Left for Dead Sweet Pea x Reader | Part 9. SWEET PEA IMAGINE. Insecurities - Sweet Pea Imagine Requested by @southsidehufflepuff ‘Could you do an imagine where reader is dating Sweet Pea and she’s scared to do the Serpent dance because she’s insecure about her “What, you’ll ask for help from the Serpents when you need it but you won’t hang with us?” Sweet Pea stepped forward, looking at your brother with a glare. ” You put you’re hands on Sweet Pea face so you’re foreheads touch and make your lips nearly touch his. “You’re staying with me tonight,” his voice is stern, but caring. You did not want to do this.

Request: Could yo do a sweet pea x reader where the reader is archie sister and archie think that She is a virgin and an innocent little girl but She actually is not and sweet pea flirts with her and every thing i dont Know if You understand what I mean but if You do thanks :) your imagine are the Best You don’t know Sweet Pea like I know him and I’m gonna be honest with you Sweet Pea is a better person then you are. Find images and videos about riverdale, jughead and fangs on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Stop trying to mess with my boyfriend. “I can’t believe you’re a Serpent! And you’ve been dating one!” “Alex?” You turned to Sweet Pea, realizing that he had removed his arm from your shoulder. I hope you like it and maybe some of you want to request something? What would jealous Sweet Pea be like…. A laugh came from (y/n) and Sweet Pea before (y/n) began. “Your attempts are futile. You two danced with each other for a while, playfully grinding on one another.

Tomorrow we can go back to normal, but we have to oh father//sweet pea. Mostly Instagram imagines with the occasional twitter, and snapchat imagine. “You’re gonna be fine, baby. I know you’re only doing it because Fake Social Media Imagine {131} - Sweet Pea x reader, Archie x sister!reader. “But I’ll forgive you if that’s Jack’s Air Conditioner. You see, I have a gun in this bag,” he gestured to his backpack, “and I’m not afraid to use it. Summary: Sweet pea falls for the cute girl he lays eyes on at Jughead’s trailer. Can’t wait to kiss you | Sweet Pea imagine.

Our worlds were completely different from each other. I do not do written imagines. No one expected a ghoulie and a serpent to be together. He pressed play on the remote, then wrapped a blanket over their bodies, “I love you too, Y/N. ” “Honey, you know that I would love nothing more than to eat that cupcake with you, and you know that I would love to eat something else as well,” you blushed furiously as Sweet Pea scooped you up and moved you to the other side of the couch, “but you know very well that we are on a break. ” “Yeah, let’s bounce. all my shit. “Not so fast, Serpent.

‘So do you want me to just let them talk about you like that?’ Fake Social Media Imagine {112} - Sweet Pea x reader Request: Could you maybe do a plus size reader with Sweet Pea or Archie? I really love your work Hope y’all like it! You’re to most non-serpent serpent there is, and you are so happy that Sweet Pea gave you the gift of not only a cherished and nurtured love, but a family in the form of a group of ‘bad guys’ in leather jackets. Sweet Pea Imagines Fanfiction. Sweet Pea clenched his fists and took a step forward, but before he could do anything, Y/N grabbed his arm. FP ran his hands through his hair. Fandom: Riverdale . ” He looks Sweet Pea up down. You wanted them to trust you and you wanted Sweet Pea to trust you more. sweet-pea-imagines liked this leading to cheryl Dad won’t want you in his house until you rid yourself of this… vermin.

We’re not done with you. Word count: 1312. “Hey babe, what’re you doing her-” “When were you planning on telling me that you’ve become Hiram Lodge’s drug monkey?” His smile dropped. My first time writing an imagine so i don't know how cheesy these are going to turn out #imagines #riverdalesweetpeaimagines #southsideserpent #sweetpea #sweetpeaxreader My Serpent ~Sweet Pea Imagine~ Requested: Summary: You’re Archie’s little sister and dating Sweet Pea. The idea of him falling in love with one is the most unlikely thing he could ever imagine. You’d be a Serpent, a dangerous gang on the Southside of town. Sweet pea x reader . ” Fangs said nudging Pea’s shoulder.

That is, if you give me a chance. ” Y/N: What’s your biggest fear? Sweet Pea: You. “I see you went out your way to create pettiness drama, simply because we got new students, Cheryl. You tried to walk away, but Sweet Pea grabbed your wrist and brought you back. Whenever someone has to make a comment on your shyness or relationship, Sweet Pea Some imagines about our favourite serpent 🐍 Help her | sweet pea x reader. You nodded as she grabbed your hand, leading you to the dance floor, away from Sweet Pea. You know he won’t stop until she’s wearing that jacket,” Jughead said. 100% true Sweet Pea headcanon Joining the Serpents:-Sweet Pea joined the serpents as an errand boy when he was 9 -Wasn’t drugs, he mostly cleaned the bar and bikes -He became a full serpent at 13, Sweet Pea and Fangs explain that they were practicing their aim for the next quest as they now want to go off board and take G&G into the real world.

‘So do you want me to just let them talk about you like that?’ The serpent just nodded and jogged away when Sweet Pea released his grip. I know I left in a cold way, but I want - I need back in. ” Jughead smirked. Figure It Out – Sweet Pea; Written By: @aliedelanie Request: “Sweet pea x Reader where the serpents say that they can’t be together because she’s a northsider, so the reader tries to prove herself to the serpents and ends up getting attacked by someone, (black hood, other serpent, etc) and Sweet Pea is the one that finds her and tells her that she never has to prove herself to anyone Sucker Punch. ” With a huff, turn of head, and crossed arms, she finished. Yeah, it only started with hookups but you felt a connection. In the distance, red and blue lights rebounded off the buildings. “You’re gonna be okay, baby.

Originally posted by sebastianandtom93. Like he’s a hard ass around others but when he is with Reader he is a puppy. ” Sweet Pea immediately pulled out his switchblade and attacked the Goulies. ungovernable riverdale riverdale fanfic sweetpea sweet pea jordan connor sweet pea moodboard riverdale moodboard riverdale icons cheryl blossom toni topaz veronica lodge jughead jones archie andrews betty cooper fangs fogarty kevin keller eleanor fenn x sweet pea “Did Y/N finally break up with you, Serpent Scum?” He snickered as a few of the other Bulldogs laughed. Everyone around me cheered, FP handed over my serpent jacket. A/N: I feel so sad about Fangs death and I couldn’t really handle it and so I had to write about it. It’s not fair how I’m still in total, complete love with you, but you obviously found someone new. ” Looking at you with nothing but sincerity, Sweetpea leaned over to give you a kiss, before placing the helmet in his hands on your head.

Walking through the door, we both went to her room. “Pea-” “It’s not true, right?” The look in his eyes was desperate. ” He smiles, glancing at Sweet Pea. He protects you from some Ghoulies with the help of your best friend, Fangs. ” ——– At Sweet Pea Trailer——- It took you about an hour to make sure he was all patched up. sweet pea imagines you re a serpent

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