Bts void fanfic

Bts void fanfic


Read BTS: Naughty Officer Jungkook 18+ from the story Kpop Imagines by NinjaChoi21884 (BEAN) with 5,423 reads. bts-a03: BTS fic recs. Originally posted by outrojk. Kiss and pose for selfies because it’s a better life together. but in reality yoongi really really likes him. Here you will find all kinds of fics with all bts ships. Reactions. so you have enough time to read the others ;D i'm also open for suggestions or wishes what genre or pairing you like better and i will try to include it.

” you rolled your eyes at his words. RM. BTS Fake Texts , Scenarios , Fanfictions & Fic Recs! 💦 Requests are closed for now! 💖 Looking for fanfics or fic rec compilations? Ask away! | Tags: romance werewolves royalty warrior slightangst fanfics werewolfau yoongi jimin royalau bts jungkook taehyung namjoon jikook hoseok seokjin namjin aboverse kookmin abo warriorau abodynamics btsfanfics praisethevoid i wish i had talent for this PRESS THE LIKE BUTTON RN jeon jeongguk jungkook jeon jungkook jeongguk BTS jungkook kookie jungkook fanfic jungkook x reader jungkook hybrid fic jungkook hybrid au hybrid au hybrid!au bunny hybrid bunny kook bunnykook hybrid bts bts hybrid fanfic bts hybrid au bts webcomic bts fancomic bts webtoon bts comic bts fic BTS Reaction: Their child walking for the first time Jin: You’d call his name as he was facing the other direction and he’d turn around immediately. These one shots and imagines will be based on songs by BTS. If he ever wants to start a conversation or the one he’s already having is waning off, he’ll just pick a subject and complain to his heart’s content to fill the void. ” His voice was void of emotion and cold, and you looked up to see Jimin grinning, placing the cover down completely unafraid of the older member. You meet a couple who plans to have a steady life — you being the last puzzle piece for it all.

They are giving you free content that you get to enjoy. Anyone can apply to be an author with our club. *Everything posted on here is written by yours truly so feel free to roam around!* I'm also horrible with deadlines :3 Bts mpreg fanfic Title: Will you kiss me again? Couples: Jikook, Vhope, Namjin Genre: fluff, mpreg Description: Jungkook kissed cute boy he met in the library because he though that he will never see What are interactive fics? Basically, just regular reader-insert fics, but at the beginning, you submit your name (and any other info required for the fic, if applicable) and the fic updates itself so instead of reading Y/N, you read your own chosen name. @btssmutgalore Dee is obviously one of the best BTS Fanfiction authors out there, and I’m really fascinated by how basically every fanfiction she writes is a masterpiece. You knew that you looked half dead but, you couldn’t help it. When it comes to media about supernatural creatures my Since today’s the Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day, I’d like to make a little Appreciation post, dedicated to all of my favorite blogs. A collection of BTS fanfiction recommendations.

3 y/n does some careful research New AssassinReader! AU BTS! Fanfic / Scenario So I’m thinking about doing a new BTS fic in which the reader is a trained assassin and ends of living in the dorm with the boys but has to keep it a #bts #bts fanfic #fanfic #kpop fanfic #kpop #suga #bts suga #min yoongi #yoongi #fluff #bts fluff #drabble #this boy is a little ball of fluffiness #his grumpiness gives me life #someone please write my summaries for me #smh #I need some Suga in my life BTS FIC RECS. She’s so talented and her work gives off a very professionally written vibe. even more beautiful is the fact that she obviously sees billy as a kid in flashbacks). I’m writing a Jimin fanfic, and Admin Strawberry is writing a Taehyung one. To think that all the selfies, posts on fancafes & twitter might have been the last uploaded as BTS. He wouldn’t say anything though and instead try to control his anger but once you came back to bts favorite fanfics . Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans.

A gentle rain begins to fall, every drop cooling your flushed skin. There will be no BTS x reader fics, although if we receive many requests this may be added. It was the younger’s idea to bring Taehyung to Void. She felt his eyelashes graze the surface of her skin and tasted a trace of sweet coffee and cinnamon on the tip of his tongue. Bts Family/brotherly love/member complex ect. They’re on the brink of day, but melting past his eyes like a spiraling void. Hoseok let out a chuckle as he slid into BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment.

Rei (main character) meets Taehyung, a horny vampire and she finds out that she is his mate. Namjin, the rest are kids. you were simply trying to make a living and give the opportunity of having children for the women who couldn’t. Park Jimin is a new university student who has been hired by a small cafe called Bangtan Kape. “For a split second, the lucid whirl of bright lights and loud music disappeared into a deep echoing void as she felt his lips against hers. They fall in love with you during a MV (Hyung line; Maknae line) Meeting your Italian family BTS Yaoi Fanfics. bts fanfics bts smut bts masterlist bts scenarios bts fanfic fic masterlist sub!bts masterlist all fics at a glance bts x reader bts reader insert bts au bts angst bts fluff bts fanfiction bts dom!reader x bts bts scenario bts imagine jimin smut taehyung smut jin smut yoongi smut jhope smut namjoon smut jungkook smut BTS in bed (fluff not smut lol) when I say in bed I mean just lying down with them guys!!.

Before BTS, i used to read many, many Naruto, Inu Yasha, and Harry Potter fanfics (who remembers the citrus scale?) as well as a few Big Bang fanfics. He was only human, after all. bite chunks out of me (you’re a shark and i’m swimming) is still my favorite afterthedisco fic, personally, but this fic still does not disappoint; it features a homesick and lonely Jimin who, despite being loved to pieces by his friends, cannot find a home among them in Seoul when his heart truly lies back home in Busan. Summary: mom, dad, i’m sorry, but i’ve got to go. Yeo! I'm Winnie/Cindy. He’d start clapping like a seal whilst a smile spread out on his face. I apologize ahead of time that this list is so long, but honestly, there were a lot og ships to cover and all of these are must reads! If you guys like it, I may make a part 2 in the future :’) NAMJIN.

These are pages dedicated to retweeting trade posts so that they aren't lost out in the void of Twitter. You could say that all the hyungs give ALL their attention on their one and only maknae. S! This will also kind of be like drabble sets, so no story is connected with each other, it will just be fun drabble sets- (especially el- the harbinger who can possibly free him from the void. #btswriters #sorry im lowkey spamming the tag ill stop if yall want me to #bts scenarios #jungkook scenarios #bts fanfiction #bts scenario #jungkook scenario #bts #jungkook #drabbles #drabble game 3 #bts drabble #jungkook drabble #FUCKIGN TAGS I FUCKIGN #jeonson #q: inhaling copious amounts of pumpkin spice cheerios #writing #void au jungkookfortunekookies:. Cassie hunted for new experiences, trying to fill her own empty chest with people and places and food and culture. there’s probs gonna be a reader x bts member but as a SIDE SHIP. The two always longed for something that they couldn’t quite wrap their heads around.

I saw you though, crystal clear. Their s/o tries Gochujang for the first time (Hyung line ; Maknae line) Their s/o comes back home drunk (Hyung line; Maknae line) They fall in love with a foreigner lawyer. You release a breath of relief when you see that he hasn’t. This fic is so cute omgggg. At that very moment, your mind had met his in the virtual world, staring off at each other face to face but unwilling to speak a word. th ⊹ 600 followers extravaganza! Aka, 600 follower fic giveaway. It I can’t help but laugh at this Mark Hadlow’s (Dori) reaction to Richard Armitage’s singing BTS Wall Paper-Taehyung So we are going to roll out some wallpapers.

Ending wasn't was I was expecting. They fall in love with you during a MV (Hyung line; Maknae line) Meeting your Italian family You don’t know how long you’ve been out. Also sorry if it's bad it's my first BTS fanfic) Updates: Once every month at least, bu World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion. yoonmin. A good general rule is that if you wouldn't feel comfortable showing/talking about it with BTS themselves, you shouldn't post it here! BTS does know about this sub, as we send them projects semi-frequently! Y'all, I started writing a Namjoon fanfic on Archive of Our Own!! I don't have a lot of followers (I only have three chapters out) but people have said they really like it and someone just commented and said it's one of their favorite fics right now! bangtan-repost reblogged this from bts-imagines-scenarios-fanfics. Please take these into consideration, or your post will be removed. You want to meet him just once in your life: the furtive street artist whose work stains the dainty town and sparks inspiration within you.

It was a long day in the studio and he couldn’t seem to keep his mind off of you. Dates with Yoongi would be really relaxing and laid back; He’d take you to Han River and have a Picknick What others are saying Bro tae would walk through the corn XD or just start picking corn💗 i stg he’s the cinnamon bun of this fandom No discussion needed, but why is Suga so negative My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 4 - Save Me] 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a Angels & Devils. By the time we both take a shower and lie back in bed it’s almost four in the morning. Sometimes they’re so frustratingly vague I want to scream. +89, 16’. Jungkook decided that the best way to fill the gaping void in his life was with copious amounts of cheap soju. Hey, so just wanting to let you know: the admins also have BTS Fanfics.

bts, fanfiction, kpop. ill do it. billy and will are going to be good foils for that position because while will’s BTS Reaction to being needy/clingy and wanting affection. in a universe far far away, kim iloeexo said: This fanfic needs to happen👅👅 Answer: Oh it’s going to don’t even worry about it Block BTS Reactions. Moodboards :: 3/7. This is a fic that BTS in bed (fluff not smut lol) when I say in bed I mean just lying down with them guys!!. Or the one where Tae’s a meek virgin who catches the eye of Void’s most popular dom.

slight yoonjin, and namjin, but it’s wasn’t obvious and in your face one of few fics that i discover right after stanning BTS imagine reading this when BTS haven’t had their INU, im a crying mess. O. Min Yoongi is acquainted with workers at the cafe and is forced to work there. I panicked as the bag was taken off my head. Fic writers are doing this in their free time. Even tho there are the maknae line, Jungkook will always be the youngest member in BTS. And never touch nicotine again before his insides fade to black.

Hello! Welcome to BTS FIC REC. So like… I know I said I was going to do this when I reached 500 followers, but now there’s 600 of you and even though I have no idea still whether any of you are interested, I figured I’d make this post anyway. It sends a shiver down my spine & breaks my heart into pieces. Jimin was your boyfriend but of course he would never let you listen to their new music or see the concept before everything was released. You've wanted to be an idol since you were a kid. BTS Fanfic [ Hyungs and the Maknae line] Fanfiction. this blog is just a way for me to keep track of the fics i've read and loved! hello! this is a blog dedicated to archiving all the wonderful BTS-MTL to buy you a shirt that says bootylicious (and want you to wear it) BTS- MTL to buy you a shirt with the words “BOOTYLICIOUS” and ask you if you are going to wear it.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to request. I can’t help but laugh at this Mark Hadlow’s (Dori) reaction to Richard Armitage’s singing A collection of BTS fanfiction recommendations. What had once seemed so distant no longer seemed so far off. Anonymous said: Hi! I’m looking for a Jimin centric fic! It’s about Jimin being sick but couldn’t rest since they are having a schedule. issa why don’t we void gabbie ~ HIATUS. a 1950′s inspired fic where greaser hoseok can’t keep his eyes, or hands, off the new waitress at his and his boys’ favorite diner. But you acknowledge the boyfriend, Jungkook, who questions if he actually His blank eyes stared at the blaring television screen, looking off into the void.

You never expected that it would also describe Kim Seokjin. Jin- Seokjin would be spooning you from behind, softly talking about his day. VMIN A/N: so, this isn’t the usual reader x bts imagines. A/N: I may or may not have done this one before but oh well. I definitely became emotionally unstable after reading this. — 2u [ incoming fic series ] jungkook x surrogate!oc. For those that want a specific ship onesho Welcome to your site! This is your homepage, which is what most visitors will see when they come to your site for the first time.

The point being, he was pretty alright, all things considered—by-the-book, smart, hard working, and a pretty fair . 8k, paranormal au, someone gets hit by a car, character death that isn’t really?? Depending how you feel, any bts fic by resonae is just amazing but it could possibly murder your heart, jin centered ships . You didn’t want to do anything but, sleep and look into the void. He looked like he had been up for a while, wearing tracksuits and a sweater to show he’d probably just gone for a run. YOONGI // WATER MAGIC “Close your eyes. J. “I have to be up in an hour,” I groan against his chest.

we goin main ships within bangtan in this fanfic-P. [This Is A BTS Mafia Fanfic. Seoul’s first fetish house, an upscale BDSM parlor that was legally permitted and licensed. The images, the visions I get, they aren’t clear. Im sad its just a drabble :(Policeman!Yoongi This is heavily influenced by Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! -BTS Jimin and Hoseok -Like I would - by @freehoseoksdick (ongoing) Angst, Fluff, Smut. This fic more or less takes a turn on the classic namjin with bts kids formula and it turns out unique? Anonymous asked: i've had this idea like Hoseok coming across a fanfic/fanvid and finding out about fans shipping him with the boys, especially jimin and taehyung, and he gets confused with his own feelings toward the two because of their exsessive PDA (just take it from here lol) Bts Fic Recs Asks: Open. Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka [M, 123k] Hyung Line Reaction to another member accidently hitting you This is my first Reaction and I hope you like it.

VMIN It’s been 2 or 3 years (give or take) since I broke my several-year-long rest from fanfics. We don’t update quite often because of the blog, but we try to post a chapter per week BTS ‘Her’ Concept Photo L Version lockscreens #aeaeae — 2u [ incoming fic series ] jungkook x surrogate!oc. set a seal upon thine heart (for love is strong as death) - buttonjimin. He’d try to hide his emotions but he’d still scoff and roll his eyes as he sees the idol talk to you. wheeler stuff will be good too in an obvious this-is-clearly-not-billy way. You’ve done nothing but stare at my white walls for days and to be honest, you look like a ghost and it’s starting to creep me out. Her work Conditioned (Taehyung fic) is my favourite fanfic of all time, I swear.

caswinchester2000 reblogged this from whydontwe-fanfics. Submissions: Open. Within seconds the street is empty, void of all life. [Requests are open] Also: I just wanna say that English is not my native language so pls correct me on any mistakes in my texts. this is just an idea i had and it seemed fun so. At the very least, he fancied himself a decent person… Well, an okay person. This club is to promote ARMYs creative writing and to support their work.

Browse Pages. Namseok, “Don’t judge me, but I may have murdered someone. My thoughts: With the onslaught of new theories and hyyh connection with the release of the new posters, this fic will definitely give you the right feels. What else to read from us ( Wattpad) (RJ describing the story in an unserious way) Admin SIC: Blood Lust, a vampire! Taehyung fanfic. bts-fanfic-onlyforyou scroll to top a bts fanfiction recommendation for the lost souls out there. It's not that he doesn't try, but somehow they all end, leaving him alone. Namjoon persistently searched for muses, trying to fill the void in his heart he couldn’t understand.

Since today’s the Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day, I’d like to make a little Appreciation post, dedicated to all of my favorite blogs. So~ if anyone want me to write BTS BTS FIC REC. ⊹ Recently written: spikes and needles ; k. Jeongguk was more eager to get inside the club, taking long strides to the set of black steel doors. You scrutinize the void, hoping you’ll arrive to a conclusion eventually, but one never comes. Can you feel it around you?” he asks softly, lips close to your ear. She played a huge part in this fic being able to be written and I appreciate it so much! If you’re wondering when the parts are coming out or you want to check my progress on the fic, you can check my blog schedule and WIP page respectively! status: complete rasp-errry-blog said: Could u make a kai fanfic with a girl?^ i love ALL UR FICS HOLY FUCK I READ RICH GAMES IN 1 DAY I HOPE U CAN MAKE A MANGA OUT OF THT SRSLY ^^ pls kee vwriting stories! Request BTS Fanfic Here bulletproof-heaven: “ Hey guys, I’ve been slacking in the writing department lately and I want to get my creativeness going again.

basically, jungkook is a lonely, lonely boy, until he isn’t anymore. Then somewhere down the road, I stopped reading fan fiction and erased it entirely out of my life. They may fight and argue w bts fanfiction Summary It was the middle of the night and boy that looked completely untrustworthy— with his ripped clothes and bleeding arm and begs you and your father to come inside your house because he’s being hunted by a pack of angry pirares. babyygukk liked this Love Isn’t Enough. list Bts Moodboards Requests OPEN Bangtan Files - Mafia! Au:Jin as Doctor Yoongi as Gunman Hoseok as Interrogator Namjoon as Leader Jimin as Caporegime Taehyung as Hacker Jungkook as Hitman The rain pours, droplets cascading down the windows, running into one another the way people bump into each other while sprinting for cover. BTS matchup This is a BTS matchup for @ifntelyinspirit, I hope you´ll like it! :) I ship you with V/Taehyung! You´re quite active and probably “bleed dry” without even knowing and while V is also Reblog if you write fanfic and would be totally down with your followers coming into you askbox and talking to you about your fic picficskpopstyle: “ I’d rather go through the chat or KKT but… Author’s Notes: [Appears out of the void and posts this] Kim Namjoon liked to fancy himself a good, responsible person. V.

One af ~{e t h e r e a l}~ -adjective -heavenly or spiritual, extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world -- *A collection of BTS one shots that I have written and will write. Summary: If only we could learn to love each other, even in a void without. < header by the amazing @debrenner > Cool Asks for Fic Writers. TW: MCD BTS . Jungkook: Even though he’s the maknae I can see him getting the most angry and bitter. One. 2 years ago; 142 notes “ My petals may be delicate and easily hurt, my stem deeply buried in layers of dirt.

-BTS Yoongi- Little Bit- by @hayjeon (completed) Drabble; Fluff slight Angst. “Seriously, why the hell didn’t Joon drive?” Taehyung whined, pressing two fingers against his already swollen eye. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write? 4. “We all saw it coming…” BTS fic directory. It could be seconds, minutes, even hours. Warnings: nothing actually, COME ON its only a 906 words, WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD MAKE SOMEBODY HATE THIS FIC?! well, there is a slight purring, ITS CATBOY!AU~~~~~ and i love it <3 - Min-U - bts bangtan boys Bulletproof Boy Scouts yoonseok sugahope gahope hogi suga jhope hopesuga seokgi catboy!au Anon asked: Since you asked:) may I have a sope fic where Yoongi needs to desperately finish writing lyrics for a song but comes down with the stomach flu and Hobi is trying to make him rest but he keeps sneaking out and ends up puking on the floor of his studio when hobi finds him for the 3rd time? Your writing gives me life <3. North of you ☆ A Congregation Of Butterflies ; A Rhythm And A Song ; A Sunday Morning Type Of Love ; All Of The by bellamees.

Series i lowkey think this fic a must read for army https://archiveofourw_comments=true its very ot7 oriented. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Fanfiction archives under section: Books. We created this as we know how hard it can be to find good fics and we hope this can make it a bit easier. “Hey,” you grinned, putting my phone down. All the members keep trying hard to comfort Jimin at the Another great place to find trades is on kpop trading accounts. Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook. and albeit cringey, the mrs.

Complaining about shit is the best. babyygukk liked this Oooh that requested about bts meeting your greek family was amazing!! I'm Greek and it's always such a joy to see other greek related stuff in this fandom (as there aren't many of us greek armys) I think you did an awesome job~!!💜💗 Could you do the same request for the Maknae line as well plz??? I just picked these back up!” You look back and see Taehyung and you were going to make a joke about him trying to tear your arm off, but he doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for jokes now. VMIN bts text. Fanfiction for BTS Ships. (A cute fluff story. all fics have been updated/published this month. 1k Warnings: Jealous Never had I felt so alive than that glorious night, being led by that boy that marched to his own drum, leading me along to a rhythm that I never thought I’d keep up with.

Lately, have only been reading her work so I can’t think of any other writers on here hahahah i wish i had talent for this PRESS THE LIKE BUTTON RN jeon jeongguk jungkook jeon jungkook jeongguk BTS jungkook kookie jungkook fanfic jungkook x reader jungkook hybrid fic jungkook hybrid au hybrid au hybrid!au bunny hybrid bunny kook bunnykook hybrid bts bts hybrid fanfic bts hybrid au bts webcomic bts fancomic bts webtoon bts comic bts fic Do You Like Me? Summary: Hello! I was just wondering if you could do a fic of Yoongi x reader where Yoongi is jealous of how close reader is with the other boys and it leads to him confessing his Jeongguk was more eager to get inside the club, taking long strides to the set of black steel doors. There is a big difference between sending people questions about when a fic is going to get done, and being a complete jerk. jeonjjunglebook liked this . Klune fans the flames of shapeshifting romance that laid dormant for years after MTV’s Teen Wolf ended. that's all i can remember from the fic since i read it a while ago. YALL, this had me Mad™ I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. When the cold hearted prince of the school bets on her, she finds herself forced to work harder than ever before in order to avoid the psychotic fangirls.

Prelude Welcome! bts-ao3 is a blog dedicated to posting and recommending BTS fics. He was tired and just wanted to get some rest and cuddle with you. The void inside you, however, just wasn’t letting you rest. But, what you didn't expect was to join one of the This fic had me at the edge of my seat and is the best fic, hands down, that I've ever read. Jeon Jungkook should be the definition next to “boyfriend” in the dictionary cause he’s #bf material af Im crying he’s so perfect BTS Ship Fic Challenge; BTSsfc2018; Summary. The plot line was so intricate yet I was never confused. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing? 3.

Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why? 5. #3 sentence fic #jungkook #bts #fluff #gender neutral #devi #jungkook fluff #bts fluff #Anonymous Hi, I really love your blog! Can I please request a smut with Yoongi or Jimin, where their girlfriend is a virgin and they "do it" for the first time? To think that 2018 might have been the last year where we watched all 7 of them receive awards & perform as BTS. All of the characters were well made and, once again, this fic belongs to the Protect Park Jimin Squad. #btswriters #sorry im lowkey spamming the tag ill stop if yall want me to #bts scenarios #jungkook scenarios #bts fanfiction #bts scenario #jungkook scenario #bts #jungkook #drabbles #drabble game 3 #bts drabble #jungkook drabble #FUCKIGN TAGS I FUCKIGN #jeonson #q: inhaling copious amounts of pumpkin spice cheerios #writing #void au “For a split second, the lucid whirl of bright lights and loud music disappeared into a deep echoing void as she felt his lips against hers. bts bts icons bts packs bts layouts bangtan boys jimin park jimin promise bts headers random headers blue psd icons v taehyung jungkook rm namjoon suga yoongi agust d jhope hoseok hobi j-hope jin seokjin bts run bts-writing:. 2, 32. Book of Shadows - an upcoming BTS Modern Witchcraft AU Series .

It gets everything off his chest and gives him plenty of conversation topics, which is a godsend for someone as socially anxious as him. bts bangtan minjoon jikook taekook namgi namjin taegi hopekook yoonmin yoonkook bts fic recs honestly figuring out what the ship names were took longer than finding the actual fics “Hey!” You looked up from my phone, seeing Yoongi waving from the entrance of the diner. bts bangtan jungkook bangtan boys random bts hobi hoseok x reader bts hosoek jung hosoek jhope x reader bts jhope jhope bts fic bts fake chat bts fake texts 5 months ago 3 notes Pt. Feel free to send us an ask, submit a work, and read any of our recommendations! We don’t recommend member x y/n fics, sorry! Admins Natalie, LE, Sof, Han, Tina and Jo here to bring you some quality fics! bts fic recs: november 2018. Masterlist Dates. For a split second you finally knew exactly what he was thinking about. Fic writers spend, hours, days, weeks, and even MONTHS to work on and finish their work.

Much like the road, the street lights. Genre: Smut (18+) Word Count: 19. They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool, for which they won several New Artist of the Year awards, including at the 2013 Melon Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards and the 2014 Seoul Music Awards. yoongi gets kinda frustrated that jimin doesn't take the hint that he totally doesn't have a crush on him. Keep reading. You’re a self-made millionaire. masterlist.

” (1. You threw yourself onto the bed, phone still in hand, closing your eyes to continue your sleep. YOONMIN. I do not want to imagine a world without BTS. Send Taehyung cute postcards the old-fashioned way even if the stamps are expensive. 1. Originally posted by alyssa1413.

We recommend fanfics for bts ships and hope to assist you for a fic you need. Moodboards :: 4/7. Whether it be expensive, fancy dinners and bedrooms flooded with rose petals Book of Shadows - an upcoming BTS Modern Witchcraft AU Series . Min Yoongi. Don’t be afraid to send request!!! Your ideas are mean’t to be shared! Don’t forget I post every Friday or whenever I have time (but I’ll never miss a Friday) :))) -a 1,373 Followers, 50 Following, 142 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Bts:Fanfics, Imagines & Smuts (@bts_fanfics) “Minhyuk?” he repeats too loudly and you shriek as you slap a hand over your forehead, peering just past the expanse of his arm to see if the familiar head of hair has turned towards you from the sound of his name. 19/mag/2019- Esplora la bacheca "Teen wolf" di Catj15 su Pinterest. Harry Potter was one of the original internet fandoms, and it really exploded around 2000-2003 (the famous Three Year Summer between the publication of book 4 and 5), when all the readers had to turn to internet fanfiction and forums to amuse themselves.

Chapter 4 of a Yoonmin (Yoongi & Jimin) story for the 2018 BTS ship fic challenge. jess-bts liked this bts bts x reader namjoon kim namjoon namjoon x reader bts au bts fanfic bts fanfiction bts murder au soft bts bts smut true love love at first sight ptsd trauma mental illness bts fluff Nov 14, 2018 pyemulx : Just once. How does it work? bangtan-repost reblogged this from bts-imagines-scenarios-fanfics. DO NOT Read If Triggered Easily By Death, Drugs, Prostitution, Etc] Hannah P. He walked over to the booth and sat down across from you, his face was a bit flushed, but you figured it was because of the chilly weather today. (A BTS x Reader Fanfic) They say if you really want something, if you work hard enough, you'll get that and more. Bts reaction to watching their relationship fall apart.

As far as Jungkook was concerned, you were always meant to be his. You widen your eyes, trying to get them to focus, trying to figure out where you are, but you see nothing, nothing but the pitch blackness that surrounds you. Placing your hand against the window, you trace the path of the drops, following them as they race down the windowpane. things most writers love in the fanfic community: messages!! likes!!! reblogs!!!! REBLOGS WITH COMMENTS IN THE TAGS!!!!! C O M M E N T S ! ! ! ! ! ! an emoji spam in their inbox describing how the story made you feel!! pointing out a particular scene in the story that had an impact on you emotionally Mostly Void. please stay with me suga bts min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim namjoon bts bts fic bts jhope bts v bts jimin bts jungkook bts Fofa Meninos Bts Amor Da Minha Vida Bts Bangtan Boy Jimin V Taehyung Imagens Bts Membros Do Bts Bts Papel De Parede #wattpad #fanfiction When Kim Taehyung's parents suddenly leave, as if they disappeared, he is left with nothing but a house which he needs to pay rent for. th ⊹ Requests/Asks: Open [Lots open: 3] Nothing negative, sorry no NSFW. Min Yoongi is not good at relationships.

Hello! I am a Reactions/Scenarios Anonymous said: Hi on your masterlist the Chen fanfic a sleepless night links to a baekhyun story just wanted to let you know Answer: Thank you EXO+BTS Imagines masterlist a/n: I’d like to thank @jungcock for helping me plot this fic. List 1 - #1 & 3: Yoongi “You guys are so cute together, I was wondering when you’d finally figure it out!” Jin giggled forcing you and Yoongi into his embrace. His face is void of emotion, but even you can tell he’s pissed off, especially because of the way he’s glaring daggers at the man you were The call of the void, the desire or attraction to an immediate, dangerous, or non-logical act like jumping off a building or in front of a train. HOWEVER, there are no logos to the site on them as I feel it would destroy the artist vision and true work, if you decide to use Fic Masterlist Hoseok Fluff Best Friend Jungkook & Boyfriend Jin Movie Night Live Proposal - Jimin Gone - Taehyung Soulmates - Yoongi Mother’s Day - Taehyung Long Distance - Namjoon You Get Your BTS FIC REC. M. fanfic. < header by the amazing @debrenner > What’s Mine is Mine avveh: “Description: You caught his eye from day one.

Oooh that requested about bts meeting your greek family was amazing!! I'm Greek and it's always such a joy to see other greek related stuff in this fandom (as there aren't many of us greek armys) I think you did an awesome job~!!💜💗 Could you do the same request for the Maknae line as well plz??? bts as dads idolverse, parent au, fluff seokjin yoongi hoseok namjoon jimin taehyung jungkook 100 ways to say i love you assorted aus there’s so much more to “i love you” than three words; click here to view list wishfics (i wish you’d write a fic where) assorted aus, fluff Welcome to the BTS Smut Club! It is here in this Club where you will find numerous authors with different writing styles and a variety of talented writing pieces. Partially Caden. Jin: Would try desperately to reignite the spark between you two. And when you get the opportunity, you swear you'll work hard for it. Perhaps it takes Park Jimin to see him for who he truly is. Hello, we are LD and Kath :) imagines reader assassin suga collages suga collage bts reactions bts scenarios bts fanfic bts au bts assassin bts Jeongguk was more eager to get inside the club, taking long strides to the set of black steel doors. In fact, the seat he occupied moments ago is now completely void.

The Green Creek book series by T. There are even accounts dedicated to different regions for those looking to trade in their own country! Here are a few great BTS trading accounts you can check out: @BTS_Trading do you know of a yoonmin fic where jimin is very nice and affectionate towards yoongi but yoongi is cold and totally doesn't like physical affection. Hi armys, here you can share plot ideas, recommend fanfics, shoutout your own fanfics or your friend's, you can ask for certain fanfics if you lost BTS Reactions [Asking for affection] Author’s Note: This is the first of many reactions for our blog and I’m actually really excited about them. His heart was so full of dreams, so void of doubts, while mine was full enough for the both of us. JUNGKOOK // DIVINATION MAGIC “Tarot, runes, crystal balls; they help me sort out what the Universe wants me to know. There was a fic I read like 2 days ago on my feed about rich College AU Fic Recs. It’s our first time writing fanfics, so don’t judge our writing oh god.

Scattered among the nooks of your small town are his pieces of art that stand on an equal par to a diamond in the rough. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing; 2. In that moment, emptiness grew inside you. BTS’ new concept pictures were about to be released any minute now and you sat on your sofa refreshing the page. Some might think I’m a flower some might see me as weed, but touch my thorns and I promise, you will bleed. #btswriters #taehyung scenarios #bts scenarios #bts fanfiction #bts #taehyung #drabbles #bts drabble #taehyung drabble #drabble game 3 #writing #robot au #fluff #excited nyan #q: inhaling copious amounts of pumpkin spice cheerios “Park Jimin put the cover down and get out. You did not want to admit it was because you had felt unusually close to this stranger, whom you had spoken to for merely minutes.

BTS . Blot and blur. Under The Rose. But you acknowledge the boyfriend, Jungkook, who questions if he actually These are the official rules for submitting and commenting on /r/bangtan. Applications are open for authors!! bts-imagines-scenarios-fanfics: which l list, I have two up rn. bts void fanfic

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